40 & 41/50: Iowa & Missouri


Iowa is a state that doesn’t get much notice. In conversations with people, I find they often mistake Idaho for Iowa. I didn’t see potatoes in Idaho and I also didn’t see them in Iowa (then again, I might have, but let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be able to tell a potato plant apart from… any other plant). There are however a lot of cornfields. Most of the corn is for animal consumption but it still makes for some beautiful fields in contrast with the sky.


If you want a small town feel, Iowa is a good place to go. I visited friends in Jefferson, Iowa and loved the chance to see where they lived and to enjoy going to the town swimming pool, to go golfing and drive through the countryside (okay, the entire state is countryside, but lovely nonetheless). I even came close to hitting a passing train while golfing. It was carrying gigantic windmill arms.



Previous to this trip, I had been to Missouri once before. I had visited a friend in St. Louis and had driven there from Chicago. From that drive I learned that there is not a lot outside the major cities except for farmland and small towns. It was interesting to drive through a visit a different part and to see a friend from school. I have mentioned this before, but it has been great to visit people that I’ve gone to school with for the last four years and to meet their families and see their places of ministry.


Sometimes when I’m in a small town, I have a longing to find a small town near me and move there and just live a quiet life. Of course I’m sure there would be different challenges with this, but this is my idealistic side. I’m realizing though that I can create a “small-town” feel with people in my neighborhood, I can find a smaller church where I know everyone and I can slow down and not fill my schedule so full. Thankful for my small town visits and for the beautiful scenery along the way!



One thought on “40 & 41/50: Iowa & Missouri

  1. Love the pictures Vanessa – and also your commentary and thoughts on small towns. I also love that small town, community feel, and often have a fantasy of living on a farm in a small town. Though it’s true, that same small town feeling could be created anywhere (though more challenging and requires more effort in big cities). Thanks for the inspiration and pics, that take my mind off my present situation, to think more broadly.


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