31 & 32 / 50: New Hampshire & Vermont



Not only have I missed blogging these past couple months, I also missed two states and posted my ‘Canadian Interlude’ post too early. New Hampshire and Vermont are the forgotten states and yet I loved driving through them and really enjoyed certain stops along the way. It’s funny how something can be part of the journey and yet we readily forget about it.


When I lived in Quebec, I visited New Hampshire and Vermont a few times and consequently I wasn’t overly excited to visit them. However, I drove through areas I had never been through (and didn’t even know existed) and loved the lushness of all the trees. Seeing the trees made me imagine how vibrant it must be in the Fall when the leaves change colour. I drove through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. You couldn’t see them in their entirety as it was a foggy, rainy day, but the fogginess added to the mystery and wonder of the area. Being back in the coolness of a rainy day was a nice reprieve after the heat and humidity of the southern states.


I didn’t see anything overly spectacular on this part of my journey (possibly why I even forgot about it), but I took in the beauty and enjoyed it. I had seen this type of scenery before and taken walks along similar lakes, but it was an important day. Driving through was a transition to my Canadian interlude, to a place of rest from being on the road. Despite feeling ordinary, it still felt like a special and significant part of the journey. I realize this is a lot like life… our days are often monotonous and much like the others that have come before them. Yet, as we are present to notice and take in each moment, it is special and significant.



There are a lot of aspects of my journey with my mom that don’t stand out in my memory. There were really hard days, really great days and then all the days in between that seemed to pass by without me noticing their significance. There’s moments when I remember a moment and take joy in the little things of that memory. I rejoice in the incremental, seemingly insignificant moments because their culmination is a beautiful and important part of the journey. So, Vermont and New Hampshire were not write offs but were important parts in the whole of my journey. And perhaps someday I will plan a return trip there in the Fall to enjoy the leaves.




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