22/50: Virginia


Virginia, the state that is east of West Virginia. Okay, so it turns out there’s a lot of states I know virtually nothing about. I know some people who live in those states and whatever they tell me about those places but otherwise they are just names I have heard from history, even though I don’t always remember the details. I have heard about the Blue Mountains, but I had no idea they were in Virginia. I made a little detour to drive through the Blue Mountain Parkway and it was well worth the detour.



For part of the drive, it was pouring rain and once again there was fog at every turn, adding to the mystique and beauty of the place. I stopped at all the viewpoints, some of them led to walks through the forest to lovely waterfalls and abandoned, overgrown train tracks. At the overlooks, there were signs talking about the mountains in the distance and other landmarks that I couldn’t see. I imagined they were beautiful but also enjoyed the beauty that was before me as well, hiding even more beauty. Sometimes we just have to trust that there is indeed deep worth and beauty beyond what we can perceive and understand. The rain also made the forest quite lush and beautiful for the entire drive into Williamsburg.



I was going to Williamsburg to visit a friend and when I looked it up, I realized that in America’s history, it’s a big deal, along with Jamestown. I’m hesitant to admit my ignorance of this part of history, but was pleasantly surprised at the chance to go exploring and wandering along the historic streets of Colonial Williamsburg and to go to the original site of Jamestown. Needless to say, I learned more history and enjoyed being taken into a different “world” as I walked down historic streets and read about different people who had left their old lives behind and started new ones elsewhere.



I was in Williamsburg on Ascension Day and attended an ascension day service. I got to sit in George Washington’s pew which I thought was pretty neat. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s always so amazing to be to actually be in the same physical places where significant history has taken place, where people have lived and worshipped before me. I loved worshiping in a church that is different from my own and was deeply blessed by the service (even if there were a few times where I may have remained standing while everyone else sat down… the perks of being in the front row and not being able to see the people behind you- thanks George Washington).


In Jamestown, there was a large thunderstorm approaching and although we were warned it was coming, we figured we could beat it. For the most part we avoided the rain and we hid in a museum to stop from getting wet. And the museum had a bunch of skeletons that had been dug up on the site, so that was a bonus. It is actually pretty amazing to read the stories of some of the people who came to Jamestown and also to read some of the history of Pocahontas (not the Disney version). It’s amazing what we can ascertain about those who have come before us and what their lives were like. There was a guy who kept talking to us and telling us information at the site and I was wondering why he kept following us around, and then I realized he volunteered there, so it made more sense. Thankful for time with friends, new explorations and learning more. I am continually humbled by the shared humanity we have with those who have lived before us and it is great to be surprised by new places and history that I didn’t even realize I would get to learn about.




One thought on “22/50: Virginia

  1. I like what you say about trusting that there is deep worth and beauty beyond what we can see and understand. I like your insights and to apply them to my current situation. At times it is definitely hard to see the beauty in the world, or in what we are doing, from our current viewpoint – so this is a good reminder to us all. Love the pictures, Virginia is gorgeous. I spent a weekend there riding horses for a job interview. In the end I turned down the job, but will always remember how lush and gorgeous that part of the world is.


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